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I made this blog specifically to post thoughts and other random things I don't feel like posting on my other personal blog.

I have so many blogs I forget about this one but this one is where I feel most comfortable writing about this stuff… just because I know nobody from home actually knows it.

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I’m scared. I’m going to the doctor. I dislike doctors. I especially hate what they’re going to do to me today. I will be exposed. Ew. Embarrassing. :’(


Aw, I want a baby…

I can’t believe I caught myself thinking this TWICE today!

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fire cannot kill a dragon.

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I keep running in to my ex’s cousin and his girlfriend. They’ve always been so friendly even after the break up. They’re honestly good people, I could actually see myself being friends with the girlfriend. But the situation of me not being with my ex just makes it feel so so awkward to be around them. Ohhhhh if only I had met them before the EX! lol


I think I’m dying. My insides feel like they’re being squeezed together and tangling up. I don’t know how I survived work today feeling nauseous and in pain. I don’t know if I can handle it tomorrow. :’(

Stomach flu? idk what it is but no me gusta.


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Seeing my ex’s cousin and his girlfriend and them waving me down and greeting me while I was at work and stuff.



Fuck your feelings for me!

Hoy lo vi pero por distancia. Iba en camino con mi prima y lo vi pasar en su coche. No sabes como me latía  el corazon con sólo verlo por unos segundos. :’(